Wanted Listings

Administration: Business

Laminating I need some A3 posters laminating. Can anyone help me please?

Gardening & Plants

bettony, crosnes, chinese artichokes Does anyone grow these interesting tubers and is prepared to spare a few? I would like to try them, please (10 cams cams)
Chard, basil, courgette & coriander plants
Weeding wanted please! A couple of hours weeding paths on my allotment at Pakenham Close please, the rain and a torn Achilles tendon has got the better of me! Within the next ten days from 22/6/19 if possible would be fantastic - lunch or snacks provided, good tools available and help from me..... Thanks! (10 cams)

Technical: Computer/phone help

Help with Website Design; Weebly, Wix etc I'm new to modern website design software - has anyone done this before? Happy to learn HTML etc. I would appreciate a leg-up to begin with, I'm a former computer programmer (in the 1980s) (15C cams)

Transport: Bike Repair & Loan

Bike repair (fine tuning) I have a couple of fairly decent bikes which require fine-tuning. Mostly it's dragging brakes, and in another case it's a derailleur which is only 90% working. I would appreciate someone to come round and work thru problems with me. Expertise welcome :-) CB4 3LB (10 cams)