Wanted Listings

Building & DIY: help

DIY help help needed to plane a bit off the bottom of an internal door which is hard to close

Gardening & Plants

Gardening I need someone to do some digging ASAP for me.

Gardening: advice/equipment

outdoor equipment water butt with overflow attachment

Goods: For Sale (one offs)

saucepan lids in need of 2 glass saucepan lids size 15 cm / 6 inch diameter

Goods: Household

Bin Looking for a small to medium size bin to fit under my bathroom sink area. I need a bin that has a secure lid like a pedal bin, one that won't open if the bin is knocked over.
Plastic baskets Looking for some plastic baskets, about A5 to A4 size to fit in some drawers to organise items into them.

Household: help

Cleaning help I have a high-ish skylight that needs a clean - at the moment I'm suffering from chronic fatigue so it's a bit beyond me. I have suitable ladder (10 cams)

Transport: Lifts & Deliveries

Lift from Luton airport needed on Thursday March 28 Lift needed for 1 person plus luggage from Luton airport to Grantchester; flight arrives 11.10 am. (10 cams/hr + petrol cams)