Wanted Listings

Arts & Crafts: other

Stone setting lesson I'd like to learn how to set cut gemstones in a claw setting in gold/silver. Does anyone have the tools and knowledge to do this, and if so would you be able to teach me? (10 cams)
Wax carving I'd like to learn the basics of wax carving for jewellery making. Does anyone know how to carve in wax for casting into silver, and would you be able to teach me? (10 cams)

Entertainment: Music

Sibelius to MuseScore/XML conversion I have a load of .sib files - but I no longer have access to Sibelius music typesetting program, and now use MuseScore. Hoping someone has Sibelius and could at least print PDFs, if not export to XML format (15C cams)

Food & Cooking

Jam for Camlets cream tea Has anyone got jam they could sell me for the CamLets cream tea on June 2nd? If so, please contact me Judith: jrattenbury@hotmail.co.uk

Gardening & Plants

Courgette plants
Gardening I need a narrow strip of lawn digging up
Mow/ strim my back garden Looking for someone to mow/ strim my back garden. Will need their own lawn mower/ strimmer to cut it with. It's fairly small. Cb1 area near Grafton Centre. (10 cams per hour cams)
Purple Iris Does anyone have some purple iris plants they can spare?
trellis about 2ft wide and 2 metres tall
Willow wands We would like some willow wands we can use for weaving. We can soak dry ones. Thank you (As required cams)

Gardening: advice/equipment

garden shears is anyone able to sharpen my garden shears?
Petrol Strimmer Does anyone have a petrol trimmer they can lend me for cams? Quite urgent streaming needed at allotment - can collect this weekend or next week: thanks

Transport: Lifts & Deliveries

collection and delivery is anyone available to contact at short notice to collect items from Cambridge freecycle and deliver to me?


Leafletting for the green party Looking for people to deliver leaflets door to door for Green Party in Cambridge. Please contact me by email or phone.